The Best SCENAR yet – the EX735Ag

Published: 12th April 2011
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I want to introduce you to the pinnacle of the SCENAR inventor Dr. Alexander Karasev’s research into bio-interactive healing technologies, to the Best SCENAR Yet – the new EX 735Ag.

You will find out how it came to existence, its unique features and capabilities that make it ‘simply the best’ for you whether you are a layperson or a health practitioner, and why we sometimes refer to it as the Lamborghini Diablo of SCENARs.

The EX735Ag was originally designed as a professional SCENAR that provides you, if you are a health practitioner, with the unique chance to have at your fingertips simultaneously both SCENAR and COSMODIC technologies. Imagine, it is like ‘HAVING IT ALL’ – all ‘the latest and the greatest’ advances in the area of adaptive electrical stimulation, right here in your hands, in one piece of the mind-blowingly sophisticated electronics.
Imagine, it is like HAVING IT ALL…

Even though COSMODIC technology is the latest in the evolution of SCENAR, practice shows that it does not REPLACE classical SCENAR. COSMODIC and SCENAR are both important and both needed in healing, just like you need both ‘a push and a hug’ in your child’s upbringing. That’s why Alexander Karasev designed the 735Ag, to combine both technologies in one device.

Well, actually, the first combining attempt was not satisfactory enough, to Dr. Karasev’s high standards. In the first 735 version, the VX735Ag, SCENAR and COSMODIC were mixed together in the same modes, and this somehow weakened the effectiveness, on one hand, and on the other hand, sometimes produced so dramatic healing response with so fast healing dynamic that only experienced SCENAR practitioners were able to handle the situation. Forget self-treatments; the VX735Ag was (and still is) a strictly professional, ‘don’t-try-it-at-home’ machine.

Just as Dr. Karasev began to see the ways the VX735 could be improved, he also began to realize that there is still a lot for him to do it the area of SCENAR technology. Around that time he finally gave in to my repeated requests to design a perfect home SCENAR – and came up with the DOVE, which he calls ‘a true SCENAR’ or ‘SCENAR as it should be’. That is due to the fact that in the DOVE Dr. Karasev finally for the first time implemented his original idea of creating a real ‘neuro-like’ impulse, which dramatically increased the device effectiveness. Dr. Alexander saw that there were still a lot of ways in which SCENAR as a technology can be improved – and the same goes for COSMODIC.

So, taking all the above into consideration, Dr. Karasev made a difficult decision to re-design the 735 model. His new creation has just lately been released, and it is called the EX735Ag.

This time around the two technologies are completely separate inside the device; it is almost like two devices in one case. The special sensor system constantly monitors the body’s reactions, determines which of the two technologies is the most appropriate in the area you are treating, and switches automatically between SCENAR and COSMODIC. You can do it manually also, of course, but in many situations you will be arguing with the device over programming – and the 735 is designed in a way that in a series of arguments it has the final word. It goes as follows: the device first suggests the right choice, then follows the operator’s command for a while (even if the operator decides not to listen to the machine) – and finally does what needs to be done regardless of the stubbornly-stupid operator. On average, the device chooses COSMODIC in about 75-80% of situations, leaving only 20-25% for SCENAR (somewhat the same ratio as we intuitively find in practice working with both SCENAR and COSMODIC devices simultaneously). Fascinating, isn’t it?

And that’s just the beginning. There is more. The SCENAR and COSMODIC in the EX735 are quite unusual, unlike anything else out there. They are called the ACTIVE SCENAR and the ACTIVE COSMODIC (versus PASSIVE ones in all other existing SCENAR devices). What does that mean? Let me give you the analogy that Dr. Karasev used in his description of the phenomenon.

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